Why DramRock

We designed a Dow Jones trading signals system aka Dow Jones Worlds #1 trading signals to capitalize on a specific market that can achieve above average returns. We have backtested and forward traded in real time thousands of trades with not one losing month. The system provides consistent returns in all market conditions.


We don't stop there. We continue to make improvements in our proprietary algorithms to identify the highest probability setups. Our system and trading style takes the emotion out of the trading process by automating the key data elements and integrated modules to determine the optimal time to enter and exit trades automatically. 

Our strategy is a complete holistic trading system which determines the position size for each trade, the amount to risk, including a safety stop loss to protect against large losses due to price spikes or sudden change in volitility and when to take profits. System's strategy also does not include hedging, high-risk martingale or grid style type of trading. The system only trades intraday and is flat after the close of the US session each day and over the weekend. The systems trading style and strategy is further explained in detail by clicking on the White Paper tab.

We continue to monitor and track our KPI's to evaluate performance. We also list our goals in our White Paper so you can see how we are performing against these benchmarks. Additional key data stats can be found on our Performance tab by clicking on the link under the chart that will take you to our trading account on FxBlue's webpage.