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DramRock is a signal provider that offers clients alternative investment products using an automated trading system to provide real time signals that get executed directly to a client's account. The client uses his own trading account in their own name and connects to our servers via a best in class leading edge trade copier or linked to our PAMM's Master account (Percentage Allocation Managment Module) to enter trades automatically. Minimum investment is $2,000.


Trade Signals - The client uses their own trading account and login credentials to monitor their trading activity. Clients have access to their accounts in real time. Any signals triggered is executed directly into clients account. All clients will receive daily statements via email from their broker confirming any transactions for that day along with a summary of their account balance and equity amount, including any open positions.


Performance Fee – Fee is based on a profit participation model. Fees are paid in arrears. Any profit particpation each month is defined as any profits if earned for the previous month over the high water mark. If there are no profits generated then performance fees are not collected or paid to DramRock. Performance fees are paid monthly.

High Water Mark – The highest profit level that must be exceeded if earned for the previous month before additional performance fees can be charged.


Account Balance Fee Schedule:

$2,000+    -> 50% of the monthly profits based on the high water mark.

$10,000+  -> 40% of the monthly profits based on the high water mark.

$25,000+  -> 35% of the monthly profits based on the high water mark.


Performance Fee Policy: Monthly profit participation fees can be wired to DramRock or a debit arrangement can be made with your broker for the performance fee to be paid directly from your trading account each month. If you elect to pay performance fee by wire an email with wire instructions will be sent to each client by the 5th of each month.


Eligibility Requirements: Only traders who are not US Citizens nor reside in the US are eligible to participate in our program. Unfortunately, due to US FATCA rules and restrictions for US Citizens to open trading accounts with foreign brokers we are only accepting clients who reside outside of the US in order to trade with our exclusive FX Broker-ThinkMarkets based in the UK with offices in Australia, South Africa and Bermuda.

Customer Support: Its our policy to respond to client inquires within 48 hours. Refer to our contact page to send us your message.

If you have an interest in learning more about our trading systems and strategies, you can contact us via our contact information page or via our email address at and we will do our very best to get back to you within 48 hours or you can leave your contact information and availability and we will confirm back to arrange an audio chat session via WhatsApp, Skype, FaceTime, or Telegram.